<aside> 👋 Hi there, glad to see you here! We are Angirus, an innovative and tech-driven circular economy startup that makes lightweight and dampproof Bricks using 100% recycled waste material. Our objective is to provide sustainable, high-quality brick for green buildings while solving the challenges of waste management and the brick industry. If you like to try and experiment and are looking for an opportunity to take on new challenges and advance your career, you will fit right in. So if this strikes a chord with you, come build Angirus with us!


We are hiring aspiring young and experienced graduates looking for opportunities to take on new challenges and advance their careers. If you are an enthusiastic leader who can balance big-picture thinking with deep-dive research and attention to detail, we have the perfect job for you!


💼 Open Positions

Mechanical Engineer

Chemical, Polymer or Material Science

Supply Chain

Marketing Intern


Today, the clay brick industry is the largest air polluting industry in south Asia, consuming 350 million tons of fertile soil, 50 million metric tons of coal, and million tons of water every year. On the other side, According to World Bank reports, India is the world’s 3rd largest waste-generating country, majorly of which is contributed by non-recyclable and single-use plastic waste. Even when this waste is collected, many countries lack the capacity and efficiency to process and recycle the waste.

We have developed eco-friendly, lightweight, and dampproof bricks, as an alternative to unsustainable clay bricks. Wricks weighs 1Kg lesser and has the compressive strength equivalent to high class brick. Comparing to modular clay bricks in India, Wricks is 40% stronger, absorbs 80% less water and weighs 30% lesser. It is being tested and validated by govt. accredited NABL laboratory on the primary standard tests. Wricks has demonstrated outstanding performance with mortar test and temperature variation through a wall testing made of it. We achieved this using our proprietary composition comprising plastic waste and other industrial waste as well as proprietary technology.

We are a team of civil engineers and advisors from Science based and real estate background with more than 100 years of cumulative experience. We’re venture-backed, funded by prominent angels and govt. institutions in pursuit to Improve our World, Wrick by Wrick.

We are not only recognized by National organizations but international as well. Recently, we had came first runner up in the TIE University global pitch competition among the 1455 startups and 30 countries. We have also been given best sustainable, consumption and production award by EU Switch Asia and Habitat for humanity. We got a chance to present our Idea in Dubai Expo 2022 to the global speakers, investors and achievers. We have also been supported by US Embassy at new Delhi and are part of their startup family. And this is not just all, but lot more to achieve.

We want to create the best technologies to upcycle the non-recycle waste into functional, value added products for better living spaces. To that end, we’re betting big on design, engineering, and resources from the start. It’s about time that we take a step closer to improve our world, Wrick by Wrick.

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